Welcome to my blog! I am a student at Majest Martial Arts in Sterling, Virginia (currently 1st Gup). Other than being a student at Majest, I am not affiliated with Majest in any way. All of the content on this blog was written by me (including any errors).

Much of the “study guide” material found on this blog (and more) can be downloaded from http://dropcanvas.com/7viem

Why did I develop this material? Personally, I find most poomsae diagrams available on the internet to be really difficult to understand.

  • Invariably, these other diagrams begin with the student at the top of the page facing downward, meaning that as you read the diagram you must mentally convert left-to-right and vice versa in under to understand the poomsae’s turns. To me it seems much more natural to show the student starting at the bottom of the page. That way, left is left, and right is right.
  • Many of the diagrams I find on the internet are low-resolution, grainy, and difficult to see. I thought we would all benefit from some nice high-resolution diagrams. That’s why I also make the source materials for the diagrams downloadble via DropCanvas (in PowerPoint form) so that you can download and print nice, high-resolution diagrams yourself.
  • Personally, I find it useful to have a one-page summary for each poomsae. I can print it out, fold it, carry it in my pocket…or view it on my iPad when I have a few free minutes and want to memorize whichever form I’m working on.
  • Making the source material downloadable in PowerPoint  also allows other students to make their own changes, corrections, or additions to the diagrams.

I hope other taekwondo students find this blog and find my diagrams useful. If you have comments or suggestions, drop me a line!


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Sather Ranum

    I very much enjoyed your diagrams. Putting the perspective from the one doing/learning the form makes it so much more intuitive and clear than from the perspective of someone watching. Thank you for sharing!


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